Fecal Matter and the Bathroom Revolution

Eliminate Bathroom S.O.S.

I first learned about 'plume' from a late-night infomercial for a toothbrush holder. Apparently, when you flush the toilet, 'plume' is jettisoned around the bathroom, and without this holder, you are brushing your teeth with fecal matter. This had 'bad' all over it. First, it was not just my poop. I love my wife, my friends, but their poop, I did not want to share. Then, something occurred to me. Toothbrush? Heck, that means there's poop on the faucet, door handles, shower and towels, anything that is out in the bathroom. This must be stopped!

So, I set my mind on creating a cleaner, safer, fresher way to use the bathroom. Not just the toothbrush or toilet, but the whole bathroom. What followed was six years of research, testing and learning, many attempts, a dozen devices that one would attach to the toilet. We eventually landed on a powder formula.

But, often, solutions bring to light new problems. Bathroom SOS; splash, odor and sounds, along with cleaning, stains and germs, I found were all part of the concerns of millions of people. I found out that many of these people around the world 'hold it in' sometimes, for days! They avoid all sorts of occasions, like that exciting weekend with a new friend, kids that didn't go to summer camp, co-workers taking the elevator to another floor or hiking across the street to a coffee shop bathroom. The list of situations due to social and biological health issues seemed endless.

In the end, We are pleased to offer everyone a simple, environmentally safe and effective way to radically change the bathrooms we share with co-workers, hospital room patients, travel companions, guests and the ones we love. We present, two revolutionary toilet conditioners, GottaGo and You Go Girl. Eliminate Bathroom SOS.